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Towards an EU civil society strategy

FRA contributed to a conference organised by the project ‘Reclaim Our Civil Space’.

The event focused on how to get to a European Civil Society Strategy.

The project is financed by the EEA and Norway Grants. It builds on broadening the grassroots basis and constituency of civil society. It does this through training and mobilising activist groups and movements, facilitating cross-border cooperation and networking, and linking this to the European level by outlining a comprehensive European civil society policy.

The panel ‘What are the steps for a comprehensive EU Civil society strategy?’ discussed the aims and tools that will form the basis of an EU document on how the EU supports and empowers civil society. Based on its work on civic space,

FRA outlined the different challenges that civil society is facing. It highlighted five key needs for civil society: recognition, resources, representation, regulation, and resilience.

The event took place on 28 June.