Criminal Detention Database

The Criminal Detention Database 2015-2019 combines in one place information on detention conditions in all 28 EU Member States. It does not ‘rank’ EU Member States, but informs - drawing on national, European and international standards, case law and monitoring reports – about selected core aspects of detention conditions: including cell space, sanitary conditions, access to healthcare and protection against violence. The database should be especially useful for judges and legal practitioners involved in cross-border cases.


EU Fundamental Rights Information System

The European Union Fundamental Rights Information System EFRIS is a Human Rights Gateway, bringing together data and information from existing human rights databases, and enables viewing and analysis of relevant assessments of fundamental rights in the EU.


e-Media Toolkit

The e-media toolkit brings together factual reporting examples from different media genres, and practical tools such as checklists. It provides the media with guidance to enhance quality journalism. 
It is a restricted online platform where registered users can access a wide range of information and learning resources in the field of journalism and fundamental rights.


Database 2012-2017 on anti-Muslim hatred

This database provides information on significant international, European and national case law and rulings, UN human rights body decisions, reports, findings by human rights and equality bodies and organisations relating to hate crime, hate speech and discrimination against Muslims.
It also contains relevant research, reports, studies, data and statistics on these issues. In addition it provides information on victims' support organisations in the EU Member States.


Toolkit for joining up fundamental rights Joining up fundamental rights

This toolkit is for public officials working at all levels of government to help them implement fundamental rights standards in their daily work.
It contains examples, tips and lessons learned, checklists for self-assessment, and online resources about joined-up human rights initiatives by national and local government, international organisations, and NGOs.


Charter 4 mobile EU Charter app

A fundamental rights one-stop-shop for mobile devices.
This app for Apple and Android mobile devices provides easy access to the full text of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in all languages. It also provides legal explanations of the Charter articles, related international and EU law, and European Court of Justice (ECJ) and a selection of European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and national case law that refers directly to one of the Charter Articles.