Council of Europe

In order to ensure complementarity and added value, the Agency coordinates its activities with those of the Council of Europe, particularly with regard to its Annual Work Programme and cooperation with civil society. To that end, the European Community entered into an agreement with the Council of Europe for the purpose of establishing close cooperation between the latter and the Agency. In July 2020, the Council of Europe nominated Philippe Boillat as independent person to sit in the FRA Executive Board and in the FRA Management Board, and Lawrence Early as the alternate member.

The independent person appointed by the Council of Europe participates in the decision making of the Management Board which, in particular, adopts the Annual Work Programme and the Annual Report and appoints Scientific Committee members.

Philippe Boillat succeeds Prof. Rainer Hofmann. The previous members were Ms de Boer-Buquicchio and Mr Guy De Vel.

FRA cooperates closely with the following bodies of the Council of Europe:


Massimo Toschi, FRA contact on Council of Europe cooperation