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New modern FRA website promises better user experience

The new-look, modern FRA website allows users to quickly and simply find the key fundamental rights information they need.

FRA re-designed its website drawing on extensive user testing to meet their needs better, making it fully responsive across all mobile devices.

The EU’s bill of rights, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, takes centre stage, underlining its vital role in the respect, promotion and protection of rights across the European Union.

The website offers an enhanced theme-based structure. This groups related information on hate crime, asylum or data protection, for example, so users have faster access to relevant information that interests them most.

It also signposts the multitude of different types of material that users can browse from publications for downloading to videos to watch, from datasets to explore to infographics to share.

It prominently highlights useful tools like FRA’s EU Fundamental Rights Information System (EFRIS). This section steers users to key resources, such as promising practices from across the EU on how to combat hate crime or collect equality data, which they could use in their own work.

In addition, country-specific information is more prominent so users can find local information from their country. It also flags which information is available in other EU languages.

Users can also sign up for project updates via email so they can keep abreast of the latest agency developments.

The site reflects FRA’s convening power as a hub for all human rights defenders which they can draw on for their work.

It also aims to mirror FRA’s communicating rights mantra to maximise impact and outreach, helping to make a difference for people across the EU.

Accessibility remains a key consideration in the new design of the site.