Human rights education for legal professionals on child-friendly justice

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Council of Europe
External event
FRA will take part in a working group to update the HELP course on child-friendly justice and child rights.

As in the initial course, FRA will provide input based on its work on child-friendly justice. New findings from its research into procedural safeguards for children in criminal proceedings will feed into the update.

It will also draw on the widely used and recently updated handbook on European child rights case law.

FRA also continues to contribute to making judicial proceedings more child-friendly as project partner in the new Norway Grant project with the Romanian prosecutor’s office. The project looks to strengthen the protection and assistance mechanisms for victims of crime with a focus on victims of hate crime and children as victims of crime.

The working group meets from 12 to 13 May. It falls under the EU-Council of Europe HELP EU III project.

This online course is part of the HELP programme by the Council of Europe. It provides human rights education for legal professionals (HELP). The programme launched the course in several languages and countries including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Finland, Poland, Portugal and Spain.