Charterpedia is a practical, single source for information about the fundamental rights you have under EU law. It is an online space for you to find and discover more about your fundamental rights.

Charterpedia information can be found within the section on the website on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights >>

What’s in Charterpedia?

Legal professionals, researchers, politicians, non-governmental organisations, civil society and the general public can all use Charterpedia.

It includes:

  • official explanations for each provision in the Charter in all 24 official EU languages;
  • Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) and European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) cases that reference one or more Charter Articles;
  • a selection of national case law that refers directly to one or more Charter Articles;
  • for each Charter provision, related national constitutional and international law provisions are displayed;
  • examples of how parliamentary debates make use of the Charter;
  • related FRA publications and further readings on the Charter.

You can access Charterpedia information from the main Charter page and from each Article as shown in the images below:

Screenshot of Charterpedia information at the Charter level

The image above shows the Charter level elements of Charterpedia highlighted:

Screenshot of Charterpedia information at the Article level

The image above shows the Article level elements of Charterpedia highlighted (links below are for Article 1 tabs):