FRA presented its report on how to prevent and respond to deaths at sea to the European Contact Group on Search and Rescue on 2 October.
FRA took part in the 2023 International Digital Security Forum in Vienna on 20 September.
On 2 October, FRA contributed to a CEPOL train-the-trainers event on EU Information Systems and Interoperability.
The Council of Europe held a preparatory meeting on 4 October of the Consultation Group on the Children of Ukraine.
On 29 September, FRA provided fundamental rights insights during the final conference of the SHARED project.
On 10 October, FRA will welcome the Seniors Office of the City of Vienna.
The Vice Chair of FRA's Management Board, Rick Lawson, will speak on behalf of the FRA Director at the 10-years Anniversary event of the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions.
FRA Director will visit the Council of Europe on 5 October in Strasbourg.
FRA will take part in a contingency plan exercise organised by the Finnish Border Guard in Helsinki and Southeast Finland.
Michael O’Flaherty
FRA Director, Michael O’Flaherty delivers a keynote to the opening plenary of the OSCE Human Dimension Conference in Warsaw on 2 October.
The meeting will take place online on Monday 2 October 2023 from 11:00-15:30 CEST.
The Annual General Meeting of FRA’s Fundamental Rights Platform will take place online on 2 October.
FRA Director will be a keynote speaker at the 2023 OSCE Warsaw Human Dimension Conference Council on 2 October in Warsaw.
FRA's Executive Board and Management Board will convene on 29 September.
The scale of displacement resulting from the Russian aggression against Ukraine is immense; of the 4 million displaced people receiving temporary protection in the European Union, 1.3 million are children. The latest Ukraine bulletin from the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) explores the fundamental rights impact of the war on these children, the practical challenges they face and possible ways forward in their best interests. It highlights particular instances where the needs of children are not being met and their rights not fully respected, protected or fulfilled.
A Collaborative Platform on Social and Economic Rights will meet to discuss realising social rights in the age of digitalisation.
On 19 September, FRA delivered a presentation on fundamental rights for Europol’s guest officers who will be deployed in Cyprus, Greece, Romania, and Slovakia.
FRA contributed to the training of Schengen evaluators in the field of return and management of external borders.
On 27 September, FRA took part in an international conference on migration challenges in the EU.
On 26 September, FRA attended the plenary meeting of the EU Migration Preparedness and Crisis Blueprint.