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EU CRPD Framework meeting takes place

The EU Framework for the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), for which the Agency is the secretariat, and national frameworks held their annual meeting on 28 May in Brussels.

The event took place at the margins of the annual Work Forum on 29 May on the implementation of the CRPD in the EU and its Member States, organised by the European Commission.

The annual meeting provided representatives with an opportunity to exchange information on activities they plan with regard to the participation of people with disabilities in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

There was also a presentation on the CRPD Committee’s draft general comment on the CRPD’s article 4.3 and 33.3. This presentation provided the context for a discussion between representatives on how to ensure that people with disabilities can participate meaningfully in the implementation and monitoring of the CRPD.