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Education and youth participation for more inclusive and tolerant cities

FRA’s Director in his video statement to the online General Conference of the European Coalition of cities against racism (ECCAR) on 19-20 November spoke of the serious patterns of discrimination and discriminatory attitudes towards certain population groups. He also pointed to how the COVID-19 pandemic has made matters worse.

However, FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey also shows that an overwhelming part of people generally consider human rights key for making fairer societies. Local authorities are best placed to develop innovative solutions to tackle intolerance and discriminatory attitudes. By investing more in education and working with people, in particular the youth, local authorities can greatly contribute in building more inclusive and tolerant societies. Over two days, over 200 participants from the ECCAR cities network and international, European and national stakeholders shared experiences and promising practices. They looked at how education, engaging young people and communication can contribute to fight against racism and discrimination locally.