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FRA discussed fundamental rights with French local civil servants

A group of around 30 administrators from the French National Institute for local Studies (INET) met FRA on 12 April.

FRA staff presented different activities and findings, including the Fundamental Rights Survey, the Fundamental Rights Forum 2021, the 10 keys to effectively communicating rights, Roma inclusion, data protection and privacy, and the framework for human rights cities.

Discussions explored issues such as why fundamental rights matter for local administrations, how the EU’s Fundamental Rights Charter contributes to a rights-based approach in local administrations as well as the role of cities in the EU.

The organisers expressed interest to explore further initiatives for cooperation to include fundamental rights into the education of French local civil servants.

Prior to the visit, the French Ambassador, Gilles Pécout, hosted an evening reception at the French Embassy for the INET visitor group and FRA, where the Agency’s Deputy Director, Constantinos Manolopoulos, spoke.