Cities as a driving force for human rights

Organised By
Cologne Human Rights City Initiative
External event
FRA will join a webinar on the rise of Human Rights Cities in the EU on 3 December.

The Cologne Human Rights City Initiative organises the event. It is a bottom-up initiative aiming at mobilising Cologne to become a human rights city. FRA will present the new framework for Human Rights Cities in the EU and how this framework fits into EU policy developments. FRA will also lay down concrete ways for cities, such as Cologne and other local governments, to use the framework in their local context. A representative from Utrecht will illustrate what it means to be a Human Rights City and its positive impact on the work of the municipality, and on people more broadly in the city. He will also highlight new opportunities for cooperation and development of Human Rights Cities in the EU, building on the new framework. The event aims to bring together local politicians, city officials, employees of municipal organisations, academic experts and civil society from Cologne and other cities in Germany and abroad, as well as interested individuals from the public. This webinar is the second of a series of five webinars that will be organised until Spring 2022 by the Cologne Human Rights City Initiative.