Upcoming products in 2023

A list of key FRA products scheduled for 2023.
FRA Calendar 2023
Date  Title Type
Quarter 1    
2 February Cities’ role in welcoming displaced people from Ukraine Online
22 February Underpinning victims’ rights: support services, reporting and protection Report
28 February FRA Survey on displaced persons fleeing the war in Ukraine Report
2 March Guardianship e-learning tool and Trainer’s manual Online/Guide
20 March Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities: Human rights indicators Guide
March Roma survey 2021
Data explorer Roma survey 2021
Technical report
Quarter 2    
April Charter e-learning course translations (9 languages) Online/Guide
24 May Surveillance by intelligence services: fundamental rights safeguards and remedies in the EU – Update 2023 Online
30 May Asylum and migration: Progress achieved and remaining challenges Report
8 June Fundamental Rights Report 2023 Report
14 June Barriers to employment of displaced Ukrainians - Joint Eurofound publication Report
15 June Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2022 Report
Quarter 3    
6 July Preventing and responding to deaths at sea: what the European Union can do Online report
11 July Protecting human rights defenders at risk: EU entry, stay and support Online report
6 September Fundamental rights of long-term residents in the EU Report
13 September Fundamental rights of older persons in digital societies: ensuring equal access Online report
29 September Bulletin #3 - The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine: The broad fundamental rights impact in the EU Online report
Quarter 4    
11 October NGO ships involved in search and rescue in the Mediterranean and legal proceedings against them – Update 2023 Online report
12 October Practical Tool for Guardians: The Asylum Procedure (Joint with EUAA) Report
12 October Practical Tool for Guardians: Introduction to International Protection (Joint with EUAA) Report
18 October Civic space in the EU 2022 - Update Paper
20 October FRA Strategic Plan 2023-2028 Report
25 October Being Black in the EU – Experiences of people of African descent Report
31 October The European Border and Coast Guard and fundamental rights Report
7 November Antisemitism - Update of data available in the EU Paper
16 November Anti-Muslim hatred database - 2023 Update Online
22 November Forced return monitoring systems – Update 2022 Online report
29 November Online content moderation – current challenges in detecting hate speech Report
12 December ​Fleeing Ukraine: Implementing temporary protection at local levels Online report
18 December Children in migration: fundamental rights at European borders - Joint Council of Europe publication Joint report
19 December Providing technical assistance to national bodies involved in assessing fundamental rights compliance of EU funds Online report