The impact of 7 July 2005 London bomb attacks on Muslim Communities in the EU

The report analyses the impact of the bomb attacks on the EU's Muslim communities, examining government and police responses to the events, the reaction from Muslim communities, media reporting, and the possibility of an anti-Muslim backlash, in the EU and in the UK in particular.

The Agency finds that the strong and united stand taken by the UK Government, police and community leaders, including Muslim community representatives, in condemning both the bombings and any retaliation, has played a major part in preventing an anti-Muslim backlash. This joint action was decisive in countering a short-term upsurge in anti-Muslim incidents in the immediate aftermath of the bombings. Such incidents have now dropped back to levels before the bomb attacks. The report finds that across the EU, the firm stand taken by Governments, communities and Muslim organisations has had a similar effect.

The report concludes with recommendations on how in the longer term Islamophobia can be countered and community cohesion is strengthened.