Pride versus prejudice: LGBTI people in the EU today

FRA event
© WienTourismus-Paul Bauer
On 14 May, FRA will publish findings from its second LGBTI survey. It was the world's biggest ever EU-wide survey of LGBTI people’s discrimination and hate experiences.

Image: © WienTourismus-Paul Bauer


Many LGBTI people across Europe experience discrimination, harassment and even violence. It forms part of their daily reality. We asked LGBTI people to give us their views.

Around 140,000 LGBTI people shared their stories. It will provide invaluable insights into their everyday experiences across different areas of life.

It will contribute to discussions on future responses to address the needs and rights of LGBTI people.

FRA Director, Michael O'Flaherty talks about the LGBTI survey results: