News Item

Michael O’Flaherty to be FRA Director for 3 more years

On 24 September 2020, FRA’s Management Board formally decided to extend the contract of Michael O’Flaherty as Director of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) for another three years.

“FRA’s Management Board is pleased to continue to work alongside Director Michael O’Flaherty as his mandate is extended for three years,” said FRA Chairperson Elise Barbé. “His integrity, commitment and rich contributions will be particularly appreciated in these difficult times we are going through due to the continuing global pandemic. These will guarantee the quality of the work that the Agency is already delivering in promoting fundamental rights within the European Union, despite these troubled times.”

The Management Board appointed Michael O’Flaherty as FRA Director in 2015.

The procedure for appointing the Director follows FRA’s Founding Regulation.

FRA’s Founding Regulation states that the agency shall be headed by a Director appointed by its Management Board for five years. The Management Board can extend this term once but for not more than three years.

The extension will take effect from 16 December 2020.