11 February 2022

Prior Information Notice - Market analysis survey on Third FRA survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews


Prior Information Notice
In March 2022, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) plans to launch an Open Call for Tenders for the implementation of the Third FRA survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews.

In that regard FRA launched a market analysis survey to inform the preparation of the call for tenders.

Open until :

22 February 2022 23:59
Publication date
11 February 2022

For more information on the notice please see: Services - 73024-2022 - TED Tenders Electronic Daily (europa.eu)

The survey can be found at the following address: https://fra.europa.eu/surveys/index.php/388461?lang=en

The market analysis survey will be open until 22 February 2022. We would highly appreciate if you take time to respond to this survey. In case of any questions please contact procurement@fra.europa.eu

Deadline for submissions of survey responses: 22 February 2022 24:00 CET (Vienna local time)

Publication date (TED Tenders Electronic Daily): 11/02/2022