Update of the 2016 FRA Opinion on fundamental rights in the hotspots set up in Greece and Italy

In November 2016, FRA formulated 21 individual opinions to address the fundamental rights shortcomings identified in the implementation of the hotspot approach in Greece and Italy. Despite genuine efforts to improve the situation since November 2016, many of the suggestions contained in the 21 opinions FRA formulated at the time remain valid.

Taking the situation in both EU Member States together, FRA finds that only three issues were properly addressed. On eight opinions, there have been developments without resulting in significant improvements on the ground. In 10 out of 21 opinions, there was no significant progress.

More specifically, the main changes and/or persisting challenges in the five areas FRA highlighted in 2016 are:

  • International protection
  • Child protection
  • Identification of vulnerable people
  • Security
  • Return and readmissions