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Children’s rights experts met to move child protection and participation forward in the EU

FRA took part in the European Forum on child rights that ran from 27 to 29 September.

It was dedicated to bringing children to the centre: Empowering, protecting and including children.

As the first forum since the adoption of the EU Strategy on the rights of the child in March 2021, the Forum gave the opportunity of monitoring and reporting on progress made under the EU Strategy, while exchanging on new developments and initiatives.

A special focus was given to child participation, children in conflicts, prevention from violence, with a specific attention to consult on integrated child protection. The impact on children’s rights of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, and the EU child protection response was also particularly addressed.

FRA spoke at a high-level panel on integrated child protection systems advocating for a coordinated and holistic approach towards protecting children from all forms of violence. FRA also welcomed that this session was initiated by the European Commission as a key consultation step to define the content, scope and format of integrated child protection systems to develop and strengthen them within EU Member States as an EU action.

Around 250 to 300 participants participated representing national and local authorities, civil society, international organisations, children’s ombudspersons, academia, practitioners and EU institutions.