Fundamental rights of older people: ensuring access to public services in digital societies

Europe’s ageing population is ever-increasing, and our societies are becoming more digitalised. Many public services are now available online, with many more services in the process of being digitalised. But the digitalisation of public services poses a risk of exclusion for older persons. In this new report, FRA explores the impact of digitalisation on the fundamental rights of older persons. The report maps the current legislation, policies and practices fostering digital inclusion. It provides an overview of the laws at the national level that provide for equal access to public services, both online and offline. The findings show how Member States safeguard older person’s rights to access services undergoing digitalisation. It outlines how Member States can support digital skills and ensure older people can fully participate in public life.

  • Charter - EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • Declaration - European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles
  • DESI - Digital Economy and Society Index
  • ECtHR - European Court of Human Rights
  • EU - European Union
  • EU-27 - 27 EU Member States
  • FRA - European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
  • ICT - Information and communication technology
  • NRRP - National recovery and resilience plan
  • UN - United Nations