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Practical info

Conference venue

The launch conference “Violence against women across the EU: Abuse at home, work, in public and online” will be held at the Council of the European Union in Brussels (Justus Lipsius Building, Press Room) on 5th of March 2014.


Council of the European Union
Justus Lispius building
175 rue  de la Loi
B -1048 Brussels/Belgium
Tel: +32 2 281 63 19
Fax +32 2 281 80 26




To access the Council building, it is mandatory to have an ID card (passport for non-EU citizens)!

You are encouraged to arrive early in order to undergo security checks to avoid delays due to the expected large number of participants!

How to reach the Council of the EU

From the airport:

The Airport Line is a 30-minute express service between Brussels Airport and the European quarter (“Schuman” station).

From Monday to Friday before 8 pm the Airport Line is operated as an express service with number 12 and only serves the major stops.

On weekdays after 8 pm, and the whole day on Saturday, Sunday and holidays the Airport Line is operated as a regular service with number 21, serving all stops.

All MIVB/STIB buses depart from platform C. In order to save time and money, buy your ticket from the GO ticket vending machines before boarding. These machines accept Maestro bank cards, credit cards and coins. Tickets bought from the driver are more expensive. Info tel. +32 70 23 20 00

Timetable MIVB/STIB
For real time information, you can visit the mobile website or download the STIB App for iPhone or Android (available in English).

Details of how to get there and the nearest metro station can be found in the Council of the European Union map (pdf) or in the following map:


Interpretation will be provided from/into English, French and Greek.


Catering, including coffee breaks and cold buffet lunch, is provided during the conference.

Other useful details


March is the coldest month in Brussels with an average temperature of 2.5°C.

Some practical web sites:


Brussels airport:

Brussels South airport:


Smoking in public places

Smoking is banned in public places, including all restaurants and bars.


French and Dutch

24 hour emergency contact:

Ambulance or fire: 100

Police: 101

Time zone:


Business hours:

Shops are open from 9am to 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays. However, smaller shops, or shops outside of the main areas will close on Saturdays and at lunch times.


For all logistical matters, please contact:

Mr Michel Lepropre

Tel:    +32 2 743 89 23

Mob: +32 491 24 65 66

Fax:   +32 2 732 71 11


We are looking forward to meeting you in Brussels!