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UK parliamentary debate on retaining the Charter of Fundamental Rights after Brexit

Joanna Cherry; Jacob Rees-Mogg; Lucy Frazer
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A debate was held on 17 July 2017 between UK Members of Parliament over the clauses in the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill on whether the Charter of Fundamental Rights should be retained after the UK leaves the European Union.

One member (Jacob Rees-Mogg, Con.) asserted that the Charter cannot have applicability once the UK is no longer subject to EU law, but another (Joanna Cherry, SNP) rebutted that it should be retained as it contains rights not present in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). A member (Lucy Frazer, Con.) then questioned whether these rights could be retained in British law, separately from the Charter.

Key quote:

“The hon. and learned Lady [Lucy Frazer MP] is ably illustrating why we need a debate about this. Despite the fact that the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights will not be part of domestic law, she thinks that those rights will, nevertheless, still be protected. Let us have a debate about how we are going to do that. That is my point. On the face of the Bill, it looks like these rights will be lost.” - Joanna Cherry MP