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UK parliamentary question on applicability of the Charter of Fundamental Rights

Douglas Carswell; Theresa May
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A question was asked in the UK Parliament on 29 March 2017 on the applicability of the Charter of Fundamental Rights after Brexit.

A Member of Parliament (Douglas Carswell, UKIP) sought assurances from the Prime Minister Theresa May that the Charter would not be ‘imposed’ after the exit of the UK from the European Union. The Prime Minister responded that the Government did not think the Charter was applicable.

Key quote:

“We will be publishing a White Paper on the great repeal Bill tomorrow, which will make it clearer how we are going to transpose not just the acquis, but relevant judgments of the European Court of Justice. I am very well aware of this and this Government have taken the very clear position that we do not think the European charter of fundamental human rights is applicable.” - Prime Minister Theresa May