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UK parliamentary debate on legislating for UK withdrawal from the EU

David Davis MP
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A debate was held in the UK House of Commons on 30 March 2017 on legislating for UK withdrawal from the EU.

The Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (David Davis MP) referred to the fact that the Charter would no long apply in domestic law after the UK has left the UK. He argued that this would not result in less rights protection in the UK as the Charter did not create new rights.

Key quote:

"The fact that the Charter will fall away will not mean that the protection of rights in the UK will suffer as a result. The Charter of Fundamental Rights was not designed to create new rights, but rather to catalogue rights already recognised as general principles in EU law. That was recognised by the Labour Government who brought it in, with a protocol attached to it, in 2007. Where cases have been decided by reference to those rights, that case law will continue to be used to interpret the underlying rights that will be preserved." - David Davis