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Austria, Anfrage der Abgeordneten Nikolaus Scherak, Kollegin und Kollegen an die Bundesministerin für Inneres betreffend Abschiebungen nach Ungarn

Austria,Inquiry to the Federal Minister of the Interior concerning deportations to Hungary

Nikolaus Scherak
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Parlamentarische Materialien XXV. GP 7670/J
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In 2015, the Administrative Court stopped a transfer of an asylum seeker to Hungary because the situation there was regarded as unsafe and thus a transfer could potentially constitute a violation of the Charter. The Court also ruled that the situation for such transfers has to be assessed in more detail, in order to decide properly whether asylum seekers may or may not be transferred to Hungary in the course of a Dublin procedure. The Members of the Parliament now filed an inquiry, asking the Federal Minister of the Interior how the situation in Hungary is currently assessed by the Ministry.