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Denmark, B 148 Forslag til folketingsbeslutning om styrkelse af datasikkerhed - 1. behandling

Denmark, B 148 Spokesperson’s Speech on Parliamentary Resolution B 148, on strengthening data security

Rune Lund
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Samling 2015-16 beslutningsforslag B 148
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This parliamentary debate concerned a draft proposal for a parliamentary resolution on strengthening data protection. The proposal was drafted by Enhedslisten and consisted of a total of 16 recommendations. Under recommendation no. 4, it iswas discussed how the Danish Data Protection Agency can be more closely linked to the Danish Parliament. Quote: "[T]he Council of Digital Security has stated that it supports the placement of a Data Protection Agency under the Parliament because the Council does not believe that the Data Protection Agency with its current location under the Ministry of Justice meet the requirement of independence as set out in, e.g., the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights"