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Denmark, Hermed sendes besvarelse af spørgsmål nr. 336 (Alm. del) som Folketingets Retsudvalg

Denmark, Reply to question no. 336 from the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs

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Mr Peter Skaarup is a member of the Danish Parliament, including the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs and represents the Danish People’s Party. As a part of his work in the committee, Mr Skaarup raised a question to the Danish Minister of Justice on whether Denmark has a human rights responsibility as regards statements on social media or on the internet, for example, a responsibility to protect against hateful speech or to protect against discriminating censorship of unpopular opinions expressed on social media. In its reply, the ministry stated that Article 11 of the Charter corresponds to the provision in Article 10 of the ECHR. It then went on to assess the issue in accordance with Article 10 of the ECHR rather than Article 11 of the Charter. The ministry states that, in accordance with Article 10 of the ECHR, it may be necessary in a democratic society to sanction statements if they incite to violence or are expressions of hate speech.