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Denmark, Udlændinge- og integrationsministeren - Svar - Spørgsmål nr. 27 til L 153 fra Udlændinge- og Integrationsudvalget

Denmark, Ministry of Immigration and Integration ‘Reply to question no. 27 to L 153 from the Parliamentary Committee on Immigration and Integration

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Udlændinge- og Integrationsudvalget 2016-17 L 153
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Ms Karen J. Klint is a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Immigration and Integration and represents the Social Democrats. She raised a question in writing to the Danish Minister for Immigration and Integration requesting the minister to provide information on judgments and/or conventions protecting unaccompanied asylum children from being extradited. The minister stressed that the Danish Refugee Appeals Board shall make a general assessment of whether a country under the Dublin Regulation is to be considered as a safe third country. If the Appeals Board finds that there is a risk that the unaccompanied child may be subject to inhuman or degrading treatment as defined in Article 4 of the Charter, the unaccompanied child cannot be extradited to the country in question.