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Assisting Member States to measure the progress of Roma integration

Activity status: Ongoing

Start of activity: 2012


FRA has set up and facilitates an ad hoc working party to pool knowledge and expertise on indicator development, data collection, monitoring, and statistical analysis of Roma integration. The working party feeds its results to the European Commission’s network of National Roma Contact Points. It is composed of policy and statistical experts from national authorities, the European Commission, EU agencies such as Eurofound, and relevant international bodies such as the UN Development Programme.


Robust monitoring is a key requirement for ensuring a successful implementation of the EU Framework for National Roma Integration. In its Communication of April 2011, the European Commission therefore asked the FRA to work with Member States on developing monitoring methods that can provide a comparative analysis of the situation of Roma throughout the EU.


FRA invited interested EU Member States to participate in a working party that will meet regularly to exchange experience and practices to develop ways of measuring Roma integration so as to produce comparable results. The initial pilot group members are currently Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Spain, the UK and Croatia. This group will be extended over time and lessons learned are regularly provided to all Member States through the Commission's network of National Roma Contact Points.

Contact: Andrey Ivanov, Activity manager