Addressing Racism in Policing

Racism in the police can include discriminatory racial profiling practices through to excessive use of force. Incidents like these highlight deeper systemic issues that need addressing. Many in society are affected by racism in policing, not only the individuals or communities targeted. Lack of trust in policing can fuel social exclusion and damages the foundations of a fair and equal society, however promising practices are developing to address these issues. This is the first EU-wide report on racism in policing. FRA’s findings identify gaps in regulatory frameworks and propose concrete steps for action.

EU countries should ensure that their police forces comply with anti-racism provisions in EU and international law. Member States should collect data on racist incidents. They should enable whistleblowers to report misconduct without negative consequences and ensure independent oversight. Police forces should be more diverse to represent the communities they serve. They should receive more guidance to prevent racism in their work. Through this report, FRA supports EU countries to make a decisive effort in tackling racism in policing.