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FRA Calendar 2024
Date  Title Type / Format
Quarter 1    
January Technical and quality report - EU Survey on Immigrants and Descendants of Immigrants Report / PDF
31 January Mapping of national child protection systems - update 2024 Report / HTML
6 February NHRI accreditation status and mandates - update 2024 Report / HTML
7 March Enforcing consumer rights to combat greenwashing Report / HTML
26 March European Arrest Warrant proceedings: Room for improvement to guarantee rights in practice Report / PDF
Quarter 2    
10 April Addressing racism in policing Report / PDF
17 April Practical Tool for Guardians: Transnational procedures in the framework of international protection (Joint with EUAA) Report / PDF
7 May Joint paper on JHA Agencies’ contribution to EU solidarity with Ukraine (February 2023 - February 2024) Report / PDF
14 May

EU LGBTIQ survey


Report / PDF    
Data explorer


29 May Political participation of people with disabilities - new developments

Report / HTML

Data explorer

5 June

Fundamental Rights Report 2024

Report / PDF    
Report / PDF    
11 June General Data Protection Regulation: Experiences of data protection authorities Report / HTML
18 June European Arrest Warrant and Fundamental Rights ECtHR and CJEU Case-Law - Joint Factsheet Report / PDF
18 June Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2023 Report / PDF
June Investigations of rights violations at borders Report / HTML
Quarter 3    
1 July Search and rescue operations and fundamental rights - June 2024 update  Report / HTML
4 July FRA Communication Strategy 2023-2028 Report / PDF
11 July Jewish people’s experiences and perceptions of antisemitism - EU survey of Jewish people Report / PDF
July Child protection systems – Comparative report Report / PDF
July Fundamental rights and the just transition of the Green Deal Report / HTML
July Fundamental Rights Forum – Rights in motion: Embracing human rights for Europe’s future Report / PDF
September Experiences of Muslims in the EU – EU Survey on Immigrants and Descendants of Immigrants Report / PDF
September Training manual for labour inspectors Report / PDF
September Victims of crime Report / HTML
September Violence against Women Survey II - Key findings Report / PDF
Quarter 4    
October Forced return monitoring - update 2024 Report / HTML
October Fundamental rights issues in the EU candidate countries Albania, Republic of North Macedonia and Serbia Report / HTML
November Fundamental rights and environmental protection Report / HTML
November Antisemitism - Update of data available in the EU Report / PDF
November Criminal detention database - update 2024 Database
December EU large scale IT-systems systems in the area of freedom, security and justice e-Learning course