French and German versions now available
21 April 2020

Child rights in the EU - Supporting you, Supporting them

Child rights come first. Measures to ensure child protection and participation apply to all children in the EU. This brochure guides you to relevant FRA reports and tools that can support you when promoting and protecting the rights of all children in the EU.

All EU Member States are bound by the United Nations Child Rights Convention (CRC) and the EU’s Fundamental Rights Charter, including Article 24 on the Rights of the Child.

The Child Rights Convention celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019, while the Charter marks its 10th anniversary.

They both oblige EU bodies and its Member States to uphold a child’s right to protection and participation, so children can freely express their views – and that those views matter.

In all actions aimed at children, their best interests are the primary consideration.

FRA supports EU institutions and Member States in complying with these obligations. That includes delivering evidence-based advice and capacity building.

This brochure raises awareness about FRA’s work on child rights in Europe. Signposting relevant reports and practical tools, it is a resource and reference point for your own work upholding child rights.

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