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How we do it

The Agency’s working methods strive to be efficient and effective, forming a seamless line from inception to dissemination to ensure effective implementation of the Work Programme.

Within the Agency’s research projects, stakeholder cooperation as well as the research component including analysis, opinions and advice are undertaken by the departments Equality and Citizens' Rights (ECR) and Freedoms and Justice (FJ), while communication and awareness raising as well as cooperation with the Agency’s key partners (such as National Liaison Officers, Fundamental Rights Platform, NHRIs and Equality Bodies) are done under the lead of the Fundamental Rights Promotion (FRPD) department.

Much of the Agency’s work is carried out through multi-annual rolling projects to address more resource demanding issues. In addition, cross cutting activities allow the Agency to cover a broad spectrum of fundamental rights issues.



Publication date: 29 January 2018

2nd independent External Evaluation of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights - October 2017 (3.69 MB)

Publication date: 05 February 2018

Management Board Decision 2017/05 on 2017-12 Recommendations regarding changes in the Agency, its working practices and the scope of its mission (909.04 KB)