Pre-testing and feasibility assessment for the FRA Fundamental Rights Survey

The overall objective of the contract is to assess the feasibility of using different survey designs and data collection modes, either alone or in combination (mixed mode), for FRA's Fundamental Rights Survey.

Invitation to tender

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D-SE-15-T02 - Tender Specifications

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D-SE-15-T02 - Technical Specifications

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D-SE-15-T02 - Draft service contract

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D-SE-15-T02 - Standard Submission Form

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D-SE-15-T02 - Contract Notice

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D-SE-15-T02 - Questions and Answers I

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D-SE-15-T02 - Questions and Answers II

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Deadline for submission: 01/06/2015 17:00 CET


22 May - Questions and answers I added.
26 May - Questions and answers II added.