Roma and travellers survey 2018

The overall objective of the contract is the implementation of a nationwide Roma face-to-face survey in 11 EU Member States in order to collect comparable data on the living conditions and fundamental rights situation of persons who self-identify as Roma and travellers. The findings will provide evidence on progress made in Roma integration efforts to EU institutions and Member States and will be used to populate indicators to assist policymakers and other stakeholders in the review of the Europe 2020 strategy.

D-SE-17-T02 Contract notice - corrigendum

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D-SE-17-T02 Contract notice

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D-SE-17-T02 Invitation to tender

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D-SE-17-T02 Annex A - Tender specifications - amended

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D-SE-17-T02 Annex A - Tender specifications

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D-SE-17-T02 Annex A1 - Technical specifications

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D-SE-17-T02 Annex B - Draft direct services contract

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D-SE-17-T02 Annex C - Standard submission form

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D-SE-17-T02 Questions and answers I

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Deadline for submissions:

Please note the deadline has been extended to 26/09/2017, 17:00 (Vienna local time).


4 September 2017:

  • One document, Questions and answers I has been added
  • Amended versions of the documents Contract notice and Annex A.1 Technical Specifications and have been added