CJUE Case-261/13 P / Judgment

Peter Schönberger v European Parliament
Deciding body type
Court of Justice of the European Union
Deciding body
Court (Grand Chamber)
Decision date
ECLI (European case law identifier)
  • CJUE Case-261/13 P / Judgment

    Key facts of the case:

    Appeal — Petition addressed to the European Parliament — Decision to file the petition — Action for annulment — Concept of a ‘challengeable act’.


    Outcome of the case:

    On those grounds, the Court (Grand Chamber) hereby:

    1. Dismisses the appeal;
    2. Orders Mr Peter Schönberger to pay the costs.
  • Paragraphs referring to EU Charter

    14) The right of petition is set out in Article 20(2)(d) TFEU, the second paragraph of Article 24 TFEU, Article 227 TFEU and Article 44 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. It follows from all of those provisions that the right of petition is a fundamental right which is to be exercised under the conditions laid down in Article 227 TFEU.