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Italy / Regional Administrative Tribunal / 9554

Telecom Italia v. the Antitrust Authority

Policy area:
Deciding Body type:
National Court/Tribunal
Deciding Body:
Lazio Regional Administrative Tribunal
Decision date:

Key fats of the case:

The complainant – Telecom Italia– questioned the legality of Decision No. 25784 of 16 December 2015, Ancillary technical service market, adopted by AGCM, which stated that the complainant – together with other partners – had engaged in an activity aimed at compromising competition in the communication field to the detriment of other companies. For this reason, the complainants were condemned to pay a significant fine. The complainants accused AGCM of imposing a sanction that was allegedly disproportionate in relation to the conduct perpetrated by the companies.

Outcome of the case:
According to the court, the decision adopted by AGCM shall be considered consistent with the proportionality and adequacy principles. For this reason, the complaint was rejected.