How to use this site

This page provides help on using this website for people with disabilities.

If you have poor vision:

  • You can easily change the size of the text by using the a- and A+ buttons at the top right of every page
  • You can switch to a high-contrast version using the contrast button at the top right of every page

If you have difficulties in navigating:

  • You can easily return to the top of any page using the Top button at the bottom right
  • You should be able to navigate using only the keyboard. Most modern browsers have built-in keyboard shortcuts to help you do this. The list below shows the keyboard shortcuts for the most popular browsers:

If you have trouble with PDF files:

Some of our content is in PDF format. Our newer PDF files will be as accessible as possible, but we acknowledge that older ones may not be. Some documents, particularly those on the topic of disability, are available in an alternative format (Microsoft Word). If you experience problems with any files on the site, please contact us at

Other accessibility resources

Most modern computers and mobile devices have very good accessibility features built in. Two comprehensive resources to help you find out about what your computer or mobile device can do are: