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Protokoll 2918/19:47 Tisdagen den 5 februari

Title: Protocol 2018/19:47 Tuesday 5 February

Mr. Jimmy Loord, member of parliament for the Christian Democrats (Kristdemokraterna)
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Swedish Parliament Database
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The Charter was mentioned by Mr. Jimmy Loord, a member of parliament, when the parliament discussed his question to the government concerning the government’s proposal to ban religious private schools. More specifically, Mr. Loord referred to article 14 of the EU Charter and asked how the government will ensure the right of every parent to choose their children’s education and teaching in conformity with their religious convictions. The Minister of Education and Science (Skolminister) Ms. Anna Ekström replied that even if the government is aware of and respects EU law, there is still a margin of appreciation (or interpretation) allowing each member state to define what constitutes a limitation to the freedom of religion. She also referred to the ongoing public inquiry which among other things will analyse how the proposal to ban religious private schools relates to EU law. It is important to note, that even though the Charter is specifically mentioned in the beginning of the debate, neither Mr. Loord nor Ms. Ekström mentioned the Charter again during the debate. Instead they referred to the European Convention of Human Rights and the wider concept “EU law”. However, it must be assumed that they were referring to the Charter due to its mentioning at the start of the debate. Quote: ”EU:s rättighetsstadga artikel 14 sätter den yttersta gränsen för vad som är möjligt när det gäller regleringar i Sverige om inrättandet av skolor. Att starta en skola är en EU-rättslig rättighet utan begränsningar vad gäller typ av skola och typ av huvudmän, och möjligheterna inom EU-rätten att begränsa den fria rörligheten är mycket små. Alla regleringar i svensk lag om inriktningen på icke-kommunala skolor måste vara motiverade av ett trängande allmänintresse, vara icke-diskriminerande och respektera fri rörlighet och integration.” Translated quote: “Article 14 of the EU Charter sets the limits for what is possible when it comes to regulations in Sweden on the establishment of schools. It is an EU legal right to start a school without any restrictions as to the type of school or principal, and the possibilities within the EU law to limit the freedom of movement are very small . All regulations in Swedish law on the orientation of non-municipal schools must be motivated by an urgent public interest, be non-discriminatory and respect the freedom of movement and integration.”