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Vastaus kirjalliseen kysymykseen KKV 221/2019

Response to a written question KKV 221/2019

Maria Ohisalo (the Green Party), the Minister of the Interior
Publication year:
MP Tavio (the FInns Party) had submitted a written request to the Minister of the Interior. He inquired whether the government, in the event of a new influx of asylum-seekers, would admit all asylum-seekers or return them all to Sweden. In her response, the Minister of the Interior, Maria Ohisalo (the Green Party) noted that the right to asylum is guaranteed in Article 14 of the UDHR and Article 18 of the Charter. Refusal by a country to receive and process asylum applications would be in breach of the Refugee Convention, the Qualification Directive, the Asylum Procedures Directive, the Reception Conditions Directive, the Dublin Regulation, the Constitution Act and the Aliens Act. Under the Dublin Regulation, asylum-seekers cannot be returned to Sweden only on grounds that they have come to Finland from Sweden. Each asylum application is processed individually, and for each application it is determined which EU Member State is responsible for processing the application.