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On 23 September, the FRA Director will be part of a panel discussion on the challenges and discrimination LGBTI people face in the EU.

FRA will also take part in workshops during the event. The aim of the workshops, which tackle a number of issues ranging from hate crime and discrimination against LGBTI people to cross-border issues for LGBTI people and their families, is to inform future policies and efforts for achieving LGBTI equality.

On 24 September, FRA will then give a presentation at a workshop on access to education, health and employment for LGBTI people.

This year the Commission’s list of actions to advance LGBTI equality will come to its end. During the conference the achievements will be highlighted with a focus on how to advance LGBTI equality in the years to come.

In addition, on 23 September, FRA will be part of a meeting on LGBTI inclusion in the Western Balkans. It will discuss policy options to promote LGBTI inclusion, building upon an LGBTI survey which the World Bank carried out in the Western Balkans based on FRA’s EU LGBT survey 2012.