European child rights forum looks toward next child rights strategy

External event
FRA’s Director will focus on child rights in emergency situations and what can we learn from COVID-19 in his address to the 13th European Forum on the rights of the child on 30 September.

During a high-level panel discussion, he will cover threats to children and their rights due to measures to combat the pandemic. He will look at child protection and unequal chances for their future, especially for vulnerable children such as those living in poverty, with disabilities as well as Roma, migrants and refugees children.

He will draw from FRA’s periodic COVID-19 impact bulletins. They showed that measures taken to limit the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the exacerbation of pre-existing risks among vulnerable groups, especially children.

For example, Roma children did not regularly participate in distance education. Further findings on Roma can also be found in FRA’s recent report on Roma and Travellers.