UN Regional Sustainable Development Forum looks to human rights in COVID-19 recovery

EU Member States
Organised By
OHCHR, Danish Institute for Human Rights, ENNHRI, UNDP, UNFPA, Permanent Mission of Denmark and Portugal to the UN in Geneva and FRA
Joint event
FRA will present findings from its work on the impact of COVID-19 on fundamental rights during the UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development. It will be part of discussions on 10 March on how human rights can guide sustainable recovery. FRA will also draw on its work on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in the EU. The event focuses on how to ensure that the principle of leaving no-one behind is entrenched in COVID-19 recovery strategies and plans.

The role of NHRIs and local authorities will also be discussed. The event is being jointly organised with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, the European Network of National Human Rights Institutes, UNDP, UNFPA and the Permanent Mission of Denmark and Portugal to the United Nations in Geneva. The Regional Forum on Sustainable Development runs from 10 to 18 March in Geneva. This Forum follows up on and reviews the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.