Advancing the EU’s work on age equality

External event
On 29 March, FRA will take part in an online working meeting on age equality.

The UN’s Office for Human Rights in Europe, the World Health Organisation, AGE Platform Europe and the European Youth Forum jointly organise the event.

It brings together EU stakeholders to exchange ideas on how to use the EU policy and legal framework on ageing and youth to advance age equality and fight ageism.

FRA will contribute to the discussions on how the fight against ageism can be embedded within existing EU equality strategies and action plans.

FRA will point to its interactive data explorer that allows to disaggregate data also by age groups, and its findings related to the impact the Covid-19 pandemic on children, youth, and older people.

To address the fundamental rights implications of growing older in the digital age, this year FRA will initiate new research on age-related inequalities from a fundamental rights perspective.