Discussing progress on implementing the EU’s Child Rights Strategy

External event
The European Commission’s Child Rights Coordinator is convening several meetings to move forward with the implementation of the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child.

In the next Interservice Group Meeting on 10 March representatives from different European Commission Directorates-General and EU Agencies, including FRA, provided updates on their respective contributions to its implementation.

On 15 March, the advisory board will meet to further develop an EU-wide Child Participation Platform to facilitate children’s participation in political and democratic life.

FRA will focus on its work on child-friendly justice and protecting migrant children. It will point to its new online training and learning platform for trainers and guardians of unaccompanied children. FRA developed this training material in close coordination with the European Guardianship Network.

In the meeting of the EU Network of Member States, FRA will present its ongoing project on child protection systems. This will lead to an update of its 2015 mapping of child protection systems in the EU.

The new update will support the European Commission as it prepares an initiative on integrated child protection systems.