Opportunities and challenges for civic participation in the digital age

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External event
On 29 March, the European Commission and the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) will convene a public round-table discussion on challenges to democracy posed by technological developments.

It will explore how to strengthen democratic systems through technological innovation that enables meaningful civic participation. The European Commission President asked the EGE to work on these questions.

The EGE Opinion will feed into the revision of the European Democracy Action Plan, as well as the development of the Defence of Democracy package.

FRA will speak during the opening session on democracy and human rights. It will contribute with its findings on civic space in the digital sphere and reflect on the opportunities and challenges for civic participation in the digital age. The round table gathers a wide array of stakeholders, from academia through to international organisations, industry and civil society organisations.

The EGE is the independent multidisciplinary body appointed by the European Commission President. It advises on all aspects of Commission policies and legislation where ethical, societal and fundamental rights dimensions intersect with the development of science and new technologies.

The roundtable can be followed online.