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Constitution of the Portuguese Republic


Article 73 (Education, culture and science) (1) Everyone has the right to education and culture. (2) The state shall promote the democratisation of education and the other conditions needed for an education conducted at school and via other means of training to contribute to equal opportunities, the overcoming of economic, social and cultural inequalities, the development of the personality and the spirit of tolerance, mutual understanding, solidarity and responsibility, to social progress and to democratic participation in collective life. (3) In cooperation with the media, cultural associations and foundations, cultural and recreational groups, cultural heritage associations, residents’ organisations and other cultural agents, the state shall promote the democratisation of culture by encouraging and ensuring access by all citizens to cultural enjoyment and creation. (4) The state shall encourage and support scientific research and creation and technological innovation, in such a way as to ensure their freedom and autonomy, strengthen competitivity and ensure articulation between scientific institutions and enterprises. Article 74 (Education) (2) In implementing the education policy, the state is charged with: (d) In accordance with his capabilities, guaranteeing every citizen access to the highest levels of education, scientific research and artistic creation.