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Constitution of the Portuguese Republic


Article 52 (Right to petition and right of actio popularis) (1) Every citizen has the right to individually, or jointly with others, submit petitions, representations, claims or complaints in defence of their rights, the Constitution, the laws or the general interest to the entities that exercise sovereignty, the self-government organs of the autonomous regions, or any authority, as well as the right to be informed of the result of the consideration thereof within a reasonable time limit. (2) The law shall lay down the terms under which collective petitions that are submitted to the Assembly of the Republic and the Legislative Assemblies of the autonomous regions are considered in plenary sitting. (3) Everyone is granted the right of actio popularis, including the right to apply for the applicable compensation for an aggrieved party or parties, in the cases and under the terms provided for by law, either personally or via associations that purport to defend the interests in question. The said right may particularly be exercised in order to: (a) Promote the prevention, cessation or judicial prosecution of offences against public health, consumer rights, the quality of life or the preservation of the environment and the cultural heritage; (b) Safeguard the property of the state, the autonomous regions and local authorities.