Constitution of the Republic of Austria


Article 20 (3) All functionaries entrusted with federal, provinces and municipal administrative duties as well as the functionaries of other public law corporate bodies are, save as otherwise provided by law, pledged to confidentiality about all facts of which they have obtained knowledge exclusively from their official activity and which have to be kept confidential in the interest of the maintenance of public peace, order and security, of comprehensive national defence, of external relations, in the interest of a public law corporate body, for the preparation of a ruling or in the preponderant interest of the parties involved (official confidentiality). Official secrecy does not exist for functionaries appointed by a popular representative body if it expressly demands such information. Article 52a(2) The standing sub-committees are empowered to require from the competent Federal Ministers all relevant information and insight into the relevant materials. This does not apply to information and material, in particular about sources, whose disclosure would endanger national security or the safety its members likewise in respect of enterprises of individuals. Article 148b(1) All Federal, Laender, and municipal authorities shall support the ombudsman board in the performance of its tasks, allow it inspection of its records, and upon request furnish the information required. Official secrecy is inoperative in the case of the ombudsman board.

Type of law: 
National constitutional law
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