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Constitution of the Republic of Croatia


Article 63
The state shall protect maternity, children and youth, and shall create social, cultural, educational, material and other conditions promoting the achievement of the right to a dignified life.

Article 64
Parents shall bear responsibility for the upbringing, welfare and education of their children,and they shall have the right and freedom to make independent decisions concerning the upbringing of their children.
Parents shall be responsible for ensuring the right of their children to the full and harmonious development of their personalities.
Physically and mentally disabled and socially neglected children shall be entitled to special care, education and welfare.
Children shall be obliged to take care of their elderly and infirm parents.
The state shall devote special care to orphans and minors neglected by their parents.

Article 65
Everyone shall have the duty to protect children and infirm persons.
Children shall not be employed before reaching the age specified by law, nor shall they be forced or allowed to do any work that is harmful to their health or morality.
Young people, mothers and disabled persons shall be entitled to special protection at work.