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Constitution of the Republic of Estonia


Article 29. Every citizen of Estonia is entitled to freely choose his or her area of activity, profession and position of employment. The law may provide conditions and procedures for the exercise of this right. Unless otherwise provided by law, citizens of foreign states and stateless persons in Estonia enjoy this right equally with citizens of Estonia.
No one may be compelled to perform work or service against his or her free will, except for service in the defence forces or alternative service, or work required to prevent the spread of an infectious disease or to contain a natural disaster or catastrophe, or work which a convicted offender is required to perform according to the law and pursuant to a procedure established by law.
The national government organises vocational training and assists persons who seek employment in finding work.
Working conditions are overseen by the national government.
Everyone is free to belong to unions and federations of employees and employers. Unions and federations of employees and employers may assert their rights and lawful interests by means which are not prohibited by law. The conditions and procedure for the exercise of the right to strike are provided by law.
The procedure for resolution of labour disputes is provided by law.
Article 47. Everyone has the right to assemble peacefully and to conduct meetings without prior permission. This right may be circumscribed in the cases and pursuant to a procedure provided by law to safeguard national security, maintain public order, uphold public morality, ensure the safety of traffic and the safety of participants of the meeting, or to prevent the spread of an infectious disease.
Article 48. Everyone has the right to form non-profit associations and federations. Only citizens of Estonia may belong to political parties.
The establishment of associations and federations which possess weapons, which are organised in accordance with military principles or which hold exercises of a military nature requires a prior authorisation whose conditions of issuance and procedure of issuance are provided by law.
Associations, federations and political parties whose aims or activities are directed at changing the constitutional order of Estonia by force or are otherwise in conflict with a law providing criminal liability, are prohibited.
Only a court may terminate or suspend the activities of an association, federation or political party for a violation of the law, or order the association, federation or political party to pay a fine.